• The role of cellular methylation in IBD

    The intestinal epithelium serves as a barrier from foreign food material and harmful bacteria. When this barrier is compromised in genetically susceptible individuals, the immune system becomes exposed, resulting in chronic inflammation. It is now appreciated that inflammatory responses in IBD… Read More

  • Cytokine signaling in the intestinal epithelium

    Cytokine signaling pathways have been demonstrated to be critical in onset, progression, and restitution of inflammation. Indeed, IL-10 signaling pathways have been shown to play a critical protective role in inflammatory disease. Importantly, mutations in the IL-10 receptor have been… Read More

  • Mucosal metabolism and intestinal inflammation

    Recent studies from our lab revealed that colonic intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) express IL-10R1 in response to cytokine stimulation through poorly understood mechanisms. In order to better understand the underlying pathways, we have employed unbiased metabolomics analysis and identified tryptophan (Trp)… Read More